Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is the process of creating art with the guidance and support of a professional art therapist, and is a type of psychotherapy. Through the process of making art, clients are able to explore their inner world, develop greater self-awareness, express thoughts and feelings, access creativity and self-esteem, and better cope with stress.


We deliver Art Therapy groups in Bournemouth for vulnerable children and young people who may have SEN, be neurodiverse or experiencing anxiety. These groups are usually free, subject to funding. Parents/guardians/professionals can refer.


Children's Accelerated Trauma Therapy (CATT)

Specially trained Art Psychotherapists available to deliver a 12-part protocol specifically designed to transform your child’s experience of trauma and promote post-traumatic growth. CATT is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for treating PTSD and CPTSD.