Team well-being & INSET

Team well-being


Art-making in a group is a transformative and highly beneficial process, supporting your team to express their difficulties, challenges and triumphs, especially during this time of pandemic. Providing creative support to your team will help them become resilient, better able to deal with anxiety and isolation, solve problems and improve social cohesion. Online sessions work well, and are delivered in small or large groups (up to 100). Sessions typically last for 1.5 hours and are facilitated by a professional and experienced Art Psychotherapist. Get in touch, we can design a day or a session around your team’s needs. 

Supporting the ‘mental wealth’ of your staff team is a crucial part of creating an environment for learning that is compassionate, creative and encourages students to believe in their potential. A creative and experiential INSET day in your school gives staff the opportunity to understand how creativity supports their own mental wealth, and instils the importance of this on their educational practice.support learning?  

We campaign for more Art Therapy in Uk Schools and Education: CAUSE  #untappedcause