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‘Art therapy helped me to understand my childhood trauma and overcome the effects’. (Former client)

Untapped are a social enterprise dedicated to relieving suffering using creativity. We campaign for more funding to be available for Art Therapy in Schools and Education, and work hard to raise awareness about the benefits of Art Therapy and creativity for mental well-being. 

WHAT IS ART THERAPY? Art Therapy is the process of creating art with the guidance and support of a professional art therapist, and is a type of psychotherapy.  Through the process of making art, young people are able to explore their inner world, develop greater self-awareness, express thoughts and feelings, access creativity and self-esteem, and better cope with stress. The opportunity to fully explore unconscious and conscious feelings using art materials in place of the pressure to communicate verbally provides an unique freedom. Art Therapy is proven to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, addiction, mental health diagnoses, as well as difficulties related to learning or physical disabilities, neurological conditions and physical illnesses.